Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nightmare City by Andrew Klavan is intense. I am not a fan of mind blowing novels because I tend to get confused with all the drama but I actually loved this novel. I scare so easily while reading novels that I generally stay away from the twisty, creepy novel that if spent reading for long hours and I am oblivious to my surroundings I scare at the slightest sound. Now if this is the kind of reading that is right up your alley then by all means read on. However, if you are the scaredy cat kind of reader like me than shy away from this one but if you want to live the twists and turns of an apocalyptic city than read. Like anyone out there waking up to a completely dark city, no sound, no people you would freak out and try to figure out what happened. This about Tom and what he goes through in this unbelievable world he is now a part of. I was given this book for review and the opinions are my own.

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