Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Luminary (Anomaly) by Krista McGee is the continued saga of Thalli. Book 1 was a thrilling read that I knew I just had to grab a copy of the next adventures in Thalli's life and this book was even better than the first. You are grabbed from the first sentence and taken into a world that seems impossible to exist and yet, for the briefest time, it does. I was happily lost in this new United States where Thalli is experiencing a life she only saw in pictures. It was an awakening for her and me, the reader, because I have been known to take life for granted and this story made me realize life is beautiful. Thalli may have to fight for way in a world she knows not how to live in but the struggle is worth the effort in the end. At times I feel a real connection to these characters because of their relatability, I was thoroughly engrossed in each of their parts in the story as a whole. All in all this is the kind of story that you can lose yourself in and enjoy the time away from the day to day. I received a review copy and opinions are all my own.

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