Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mark of Evil by Tim LaHaye and Craig Parshall is one wild read. This is the kind of story that you just have to tell everyone that you are not to be bothered and you enjoy the ride. The idea that this is even a possibility is scary because all I can say is to pray. When everything we know and trust to always be available is suddenly gone can be one of the scariest realizations in our world. Which is exactly how this story is and I will say I was both thrilled and freaked out by the close resemblance to our time or maybe I was seeing those close proximities. Either way this story had me hooked from the first chapter to the last sentence and this kind of nail biting reading has never been a favorite of mine. So, with that being said I highly recommend this story of a world completely upside down for those who wish to see what it will take to survive this kind of turmoil. I was given a review copy and all thoughts are my own.

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