Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Runaway Saint by Lisa Samson is a poetic journey of a story, she uses her words like a painter uses paint creating a beautiful landscape. The lure of opening up to someone that his been out of your life for more than two decades is appealing for many reasons and one being reaquaintance. While reading this novel I started to feel the lose of a few of my friends that I had not spoken to in a while and that made me sad. I felt as though I lost them all over again when in fact it was just a natural drift with life obstacles pushing people away from each other. Either way the relationships we have with friends, family, and God are essential in anyones life. My absolute favorite line from this novel has to be "baby, death is a misnomer" and I wish I could write why other than it just makes sense. I won't share to much of the plot because it is a must read, read, read. I was given a review copy and all thoughts are my own.

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