Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Below the Surface By Tim Shoemaker is going to be my dirty little secret because I loved the story and cannot wait to enjoy the rest of the Code of Silence series. Yes this is a kids series and yes there is no denying that I absolutely loved every single aspect of this story line. I have suffered from many fears, as most people do, that if we let them will crush us to dust overtime but this story shows that facing them will be the best step in the long run. It will be horrible in many points that it will leave us feeling lost and angered but once we work through these rough patches we will finally realize that we can battle the fears and they will not own us anymore. This is the only option to put this evils at bay because they can drain the life out of us slowly, steadily and we do not want this kind of life. This is the kind of novel that is both nail-bitting and life-altering in good ways which is amazing to experience. A must read. I was given a review copy and all opinions are my own.

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