Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Veil of Secrets by Shannon Ethridge is a good big or lose big kind of story. I have to admit this novel hit close to home and I weeped like a baby so many times, but they were not sad cries they were the I can relate cries, I have been in this kind of situation cry and that made the story that much more endearing to me. I would recommend this novel to just about everyone with eyes because I could not put this novel down and I believe that would happen to each reader. Melanie and Will are at a point in their marriage that, simply put, is a do or die moment and they decided to fix their union. So many situations in life are easily resolved by abandoning them or even backing away, but not this time. This time they needed to get back to the themselves, transition from the hopelessness of where they were to finding their right footing again. Sadly, the one situation that Melanie has tried to forget seems to be repeating itself with their daughter and she wants her not to suffer through that so she has to deal with that and work through it for her sake. I enjoyed every word and every painful aspect of their journey this is a must read. I was given a review copy from Booklookbloogers and all opinions are my own.

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