Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A New Realm

MindWar: A Novel by Andrew Klavan is a fascinating and creepy at the same time. The idea that our hero, Rick, is being monitored for his uncanny ability at gaming that will be used for our governments need is really scary. This story made me really think about how much of ourselves is visible by the government and how willing we are to trust them because they are working in our best interest, right? This story made me really think and I really enjoyed this new aspect to reading a thriller such as this one is for me. Rick thought his life may have ended when he had his accident, but it just began and it is going to be one heck of ride. This reminds me of the saying "where one door closes, another one opens up" and that is exactly how it has happened for Rick because he is being transported into another realm of living that he never thought existed for him and his condition. Rick, through his help, will have a life again but for whom and for what? I could not put this book down and my only recommendation is not to start the novel before bed because you will stay up too late to function normally the next day, but it is worth a sleepless night. I also cannot wait for the next two books in this trilogy because I have to know what happens next for Rick. I was given a review copy from Blogging for Books and all opinions are my own.

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