Monday, July 28, 2014

Sea Bound

The Catch by Taylor Stevens is book #3 in a series starring Michael, a woman unlike any character on book store shelves, who is working a case on a ship and that is when all things go array involving pirates, guns, and lots of mayhem. I have never read the other books in this series and I feel that I may have been able to understand Michael a lot better if I was given the others, but this book was still a fantastic novel on its own. The only thing that took me a bit to grasp was the entire idea that Michael could and or is a shape shifter. A shape shifter to the point that she can become a he when necessary or when the environment she is located in does not hold women in the best regard. To me that was a bit of a mind blower because the idea that Micheal is a he/she is creepy, butit makes sense that Micheal can kick ass the way that he does. I can imagine the strength he has and the ability to be able to use that to his advantage is the most inticing aspect of this story. I think this is the perfect summer read because it was like a vacation from the mundane without the hassle of the long lines and the crazy amounts of people at these hot spots. I was given a review copy from Blogging For Books and all opinions are my own.

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