Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Revolutionary by Krista McGee is phenomenal. I have had the privilege of devouring all the books in this series and I can honestly say each was better than the last which does not happen. I was thoroughly enthralled in this dystopian world that has transpired amongst the pages of this novel. I believe Thalli is probably the best and all and her friends are just as amazing they complete each other. I think the relationships make the story so much more interesting and they create the support that they each need to live/survive in this environment that is now there way of existing. I am not the type that will generally read YA novels but something about the plot of Thalli's bravery and fighting the new system caught my attention and I am happy that I read this entire series it is an amzing journey to read. I also think that the ending was so beautifully poignant that it felt right not forced or rushed like some series tend to finish. It was an action-packed and a tear-jerker of story worth multiple re-reads. I was given a review copy from Booklookbloogers and all opinions are my own.

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