Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Becoming Bea by Leslie Gould is a gem. I loved everything about this story. The young woman that believes she does not want marriage, the relatiosnhips of everyone involved, the town, the setting, the love, and most importantly the self-discovery. Bea is a woman with the dream of having a bookstore who is in love with W-O-R-D-S and I love that about Bea. She is strong and understanding and sweet all in one which makes her amazing. The beauty of Becoming Bea is that she, in the midst of life, finds her truest self and falls in love with her oldest, meanest, most smitten friend Ben. Ben and Bea are perfect for each other and after all the complications of their relationship they finally come to realize that they are more than just friends, they are each others love. I always get lost in the stories that are revolved around the Amish communities because they are so beautiful to read and I am always left happy for days after reading. I was given a review copy from Bethany House and all opinions are my own.

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