Saturday, November 8, 2014

Baking for good

Bread Revolution by Peter Reinhart is a visually stunning cook book that will teach those interested on how to bake breads. I have never been much of a baker abd this book made me well aware of my faults. I had no idea that there are so many varities of flours and the delicious breads that can be baked. I have always just been a white bread kinda girl and it suited me just fine. After reading this cook book I think I need to up my ante and get my tastebuds some of these varities and try my hand at baking some breads. What is it they say, "variety is the spice of life" and I do believe I do not want to waste any more time on plain white bread. I need to step out of my comfort zone and spice up my tastebuds. This cook book will do just that for any baker wanting to get an undeniably informative directive of how to bake breads. This should be the definitive how-to-cook-bread book ever but we know that just wont happen but we can gain so much knowledge and use it well. I received this book from Blogging for books for this review.

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