Thursday, November 20, 2014

We Still Have a Beautiful Future

Your Life Still Counts by Tracie Miles is powerful. This book is about how women need to forgive themselves and use the journey and the outcome to their best advantage that we are worth it no matter the situation. Miles shares her story and gives the stories of many other women who have overcome their experiences to a better and more self-worthy point in life. These stories are the best glimpses into how life can affect us and yet we can overcome those issues even if they are scary, sad, and embarrassing at the time. Most importantly life teaches us that we are stronger than the complications that come across our paths and that with His guidance we can still be the amazing and beautiful people he created from the beginning. In all honesty, believing that we are what we endure is somuch easier to deal with than that we are a gems and can handle whatever comes our way with grace and beauty. I received a free copy for the review from Bethany House and all opinions are my own.

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