Thursday, January 8, 2015

Light Bringer

Sometimes a book can be so much more than just a story and that is actually what A Thing of Beauty  by Lisa Simpson was for me. I am not afraid to say that I related to so much of the situation surrounding Fiona and her life. We can be so engrossed in our own world that the troubles we have can be dismissed or covered over with other things. I wish I could say it is a way to cope with the bigger issue at hand, but the truth is we are just avoiding the situation. For Fiona, she needed that one item that would snap her out of her isolation and bring forth the light of life to her. This was such an amazing story that slowly opened it self to me and I will forever take with me in my life. Not many stories can do that and when you find one it is like a rare gem so beautiful and magical in your hand. I was given a review copy from booklookbloggers and all opinions are my own.

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