Monday, January 19, 2015


Near Enemy: A Spademan Novel by Adam Sternbergh is equal parts action, suspense, and thrilling. I am a new reader of Sternbergh and that has changed because I need, we all need, a lot of excitement in life and stories such as this one can do just that for us. This is the kind of story that you forget people around you, food, and time of day but it is worth the loss. Spademan, our hero, is the kind of character that will do what needs to be done with a bit of wit and heart. He is perfect. Could there be any other way of dealing with a city post-bombing than in his way? No. I do not know whether it was the rapid dialogue, the amount of twist and turns, or the new New York City were the reasons for such a dramatically believable story. I would say that Near Enemy is a stand alone novel it is gritty, powerful, bold, and intriguing just like any other. I fell for all of it and can only hope that Spademan will be a lasting series with many adventures to come. The best part is that Spademan is even stronger in this novel in spite of all the drama. Until next time Spademan. 
I received this book from bloggingforbooks and all opinions are my own.

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