Monday, March 9, 2015

Blissfully Happy

It can be said that my love for romance novels is massive and that most any will find a way into my hands, but so few have me doubled over in laughter. Jen Turano's After a Fashion is by far the best period romance novel I have read this year and I read it twice because it was so funny. How is it possible to not want to enjoy a second helping of heart-racing, belly-aching, laugh-out-loud scenes that are amongst the pages of this novel. I just started over when I finished the last sentenced and enjoyed the quirkiness all over again. I have come to realize that when I get this emotionally attached to a story it makes the experience all the better and memorable. I have read several of Turano's novels and all I can say is that they get better and better every single time. I am always excited when I read one of her stories they leave me giddy and full of joy. I absolutely adored all of the secondary characters along with the love growing between Harriet Peabody and Oliver Addleshaw. Each one was rich and full of life that I felt like I was just a bystander enjoying the moments play before my eyes. 340 pages is never enough and the wait for the next book is always painful, but its always worth it the wait for more. Never underestimate a romance novel, it can brighten up your day. I was given a review copy from Bethany House and all opinions are my own.

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