Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Help for the Next Step

If only this book Let the Journey Begin: Finding God's Best for Your Life by Max Lucado had come into my hands years ago, I would have been ever so grateful. His words are always so inspiring that they make the connections that are lost along the way. Lucado has a magical way to make life seem obtainable with Him through his examples and quotes. Those always hit home. It also may be because I can never pass up a quote that will not only inspire, but nurish the mind and soul in ways that are awe-inspiring. This is the kind of book that overtime will be a go-to for the right kind of pick-me-up when the time gets rough or for a refresher when needed. Just the thought that this little book will be at my disposal is good for my soul. Lucado's books, all of them, are irreplaceable and they never disappoint. It may be a book for those just graduating from universities, but I think anyone transitioning will benefit as well. I was given a review copy from BookLookBloggers and all opinions are my own.

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