Sunday, March 8, 2015

Will do

I am loving the new and lighten recipes that are being showcased in books lately. Especially those of Lighten Up Y'all  by Virginia Willis. She not only shares recipes that are on the lighter side, but that also have been some of the most popular southern variety which are rather indulgent. I usually only eat southern food a few times a year because of the higher calorie content and now that they have been lightened for me I know I will be happy to include them in my repetoire of cooking on a regular basis. I absolutely love southern food and all the history and love surrounding the deliciously amazing recipes. I cannot wait to try my hands at the recipes in this fabulous book all are making my mouth water in anticipation. I can only hope that Willis make this a series where other recipes or richly caloric foods will be reduced for those looking to lighten up their cooking. I received this book from for this review.

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