Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bullying Is So Hurtful

It disturbs me each and every single time I read, see, or even hear in the news that some child/teenager has taken his/her life. It is so painful because of the hurtful things a peer has said to them or taunted them with for their visible differences to others, I just cannot grasp that kind of hate. Now with my little psa moment over with,  Hyacinth Girls by Lauren Frankel centers around this subject that of bullying. At first I was half expecting some "mean girls" story but I was surprised with the way Frankel showcased the many sides of bullying, victim/perpetrator so well. I would say this is the kind of story that parents should book club together and use this story as a way to have those needed discussions that many parents avoid. It would be the perfect ice breaker to see where each parent needs to focus more attention in order to get their child to understand that bullying is not fun for anyone involved. I was saddened a few times throughout the story but it is such a beautiful tale of what has become such a devastating epidemic in society today. I received a copy for this review from Blogging For Books and all opinions are my own.

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