Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A New Life

Stories that delve into the ways of the native american way of living are always so intriguing to read because of the respect they have for the land. The Crimson Path of Honor by M.B. Tosi is breathtakingly stunning. I have never read a novel so fast and enjoyed every single aspect of the book. The idea of our heroine being kidnapped into a tribe during the 1800's is scary but I am sure it did happen a few times in the early years. Why not? What I believe I loved the most was the way that we are able to learn about native american living. It may sound like a history lesson but it is so much deeper and more fulfilling than dry factoids being dispensed at boredom. Our heroine, Luci, is captured but than falls in love with her captor and his life. The journey is a delight to read and I can only say that this novel was rapidly devoured. I was given a copy for review and all opinions are my own.

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