Saturday, July 25, 2015

For What Is Right

It amazes me how closely intertwined life is to so many other aspects and it all affects each other. The beauty of it all is that the drama has to come down before all is right and the balance is set to rights. In Robert Whitlow's A House Divided  is full of legal drama that almost reads like a movie unfolding before your eyes. Corbin Gage is at rock bottom and finds the courage to be victorious ove corporate wrong doings in health violations that will cost lives and destroy many more if not held accountable. Whitlow's stories are full of drama and regrowth that they enthrall and captivate me to the end and I am beyond lucky to have devoured an amazing story. People may compare Whitlow to other writers but he is an amazing author in his own right. A House Divided should be read. I received a copy for this review from booklookbloggers and all opinions are my own.

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