Wednesday, August 26, 2015

She Makes Me Want to Be a Better Cook

I have been collecting Martha Stewart's cook books since what seems like forever and I can honestly say that each book gets better than the last. Happy to say that her latest cook book  Martha Stewart's Appetizers is chock full of hundreds of recipes to play with for any gathering or special occasion. Let's face it we tend to stick with what we know will be extremely easy to create or just buy prepared platters and that just does not have the same taste as a plate of freshly made appetizers that will delight guest and make you the hit the party. Food is great but great food is fantastic. A little help from the queen of home essentials can and will the best thing that can ever happen to any and all home cooks. I also think that the presentation from all the magical food shots will help set the platter to look even more appealing. The eyes do start the whole experience and a well set platter can go along way. Oh, and all the photos make for tons of eye candy. I thoroughly enjoyed every single recipe and picture included in this recipe book. I cannot wait for next book. This is the best book to add to any home kitchen library. I received a copy for this review from BloggingForBooks and all opinions are my own.

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