Sunday, November 15, 2015

Smiles Don't Make Me Want to Cook

I, like many others, love all things Giada De Laurentiis but for some reason her latest cookbook does not make me want to try her latest batch of recipes. Which is so sad for me because I watch her shows and have most of her other cookbooks. This Happy Cooking: Make Every Meal Count Without Stressing Out is lacking something or maybe I am not into the new direction in which Giada De Laurentiis is venturing towards. Either way, her latest cookbook is not a favorite of mine nor would I even gift a copy to a fellow cook. I think the only recipe I would want to try to re-create would be the buffalo shrimp because the avocado toast is rediculously easy for anyone to try without a recipe necessary. All in all, this was a meh cookbook with a ton of #giadaselfies. I received a copy for this review from and all opinions are my own.

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