Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Wow Comes to Mind When Reading This Recipe Book

You never know what kind of cookbooks will come out of restaurants or whether they will be doable for at home cooks and that aspect excites me now. And boy was I excited by the latest restaurant version The Basque  by Alexandra Raij with Eder Montero and Rebecca Flint Marx these three have made a collection of recipes that, I think at least, will empress your families and friends. They are made to look and sound so delicious which will be a bonus for tummies all around. I also think that many of us, home cooks, tend to stick with certain safe recipes that lets face it make us way to comfortable and a bit boring when it comes to cooking. These recipes will make me and I am sure you as well step out of your boundaries and that can only good right? I sure think so. I also love the many tips, photos, and background information regarding all the recipes included in this book and can honestly say I hope they will be making a few more books because they are amazing. I received a copy for this review from blogging for books and all opinions are my own.

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