Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hey Scotty

This will be the first time I read an autobiography that I thoroughly enjoyed from page 1 to last page. I think I could have read even more than what was included and that was also a first. Go Big or Go Home by Scotty McCreery and Travis Thrasher is about his life and it is so beautifully written that it felt more like and interview than an autobiography which was new and exciting. I never really enjoy autobiographies because they come of so dry and boring and only focus on the one sensational event that happened to the writer. I just cannot get into stories like that and they tend to be put down for good. However, McCreery shared so much of himself making this version more relatable and enjoyable than its predecessors and I really enjoyed that about his book. I can only wish that he may write another or something else in the future. Yay Scotty! I received a copy for this review from
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