Monday, June 27, 2016


I believe that many of us can always be given the latest and best information on a spiritual awakening no matter our age. The latest book from Michael F. Bird is probably the most insightful book I have read in quite awhile. I immersed myself amongst the pages of What Christians Ought To Believe will give the most information of the Apostle's Creed. And to be completely honest I had little or no real definitive knowledge of the Creed's so Bird's words were totally devourable. Bird devotes many powerful words describing or more to the point explaining the power and importance of the Creed's to anyone wanting to have a fresh interpretation. It was eye-opening and clearly created a great resource for those needing a better understanding which can and will not hurt to have in life. It also does not hurt that Bird included an expansive collection of books that will enlighten readers as well. Bird created a domino effect for my reading and I thank him profusely because more books can only mean more knowledge and knowledge is power. I received a copy for this review from book look bloggers and all opinions are my own.

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